Mair Downing


Mair Downing’s first home-buying experience was also during a crazy market. Twenty years ago she put in and lost more than 15 offers before she found her beloved Bellevue bungalow. That’s when Mair fell in love with the idea of helping buyers and sellers navigate the sometimes complex world of real estate by listening, harnessing her network and flexing her problem-solving skills when needed.

Mair’s never met a stranger, so it’s no surprise if you feel like old friends after the first meeting. If you’re a podcast junkie, check out Obsessed with Homes, where Mair shares the information she’s learned along her real estate journey.

As a mom of two daughters, Mair spends much of her free time cheering for her teens as they butterfly or pump-fake for a win. During downtimes, you’ll find her watching the sunrise from the porch of her Lewisetta getaway cottage with her husband, Daniel, and Havanese, Odie.

Phone: 804.245.4462