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As a team, we have lived in every part of the greater Richmond area.
Many of us are born and raised here, and all of us call it home.

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Here is the criteria for a bedroom in Richmond, VA

With all the architectural styles in Richmond, floorplans can vary widely. Even so, there are the standards for what defines a bedroom when looking at property in Richmond, Virginia.

Brick home with inviting walkway.
Seven Proven Benefits of Being a Homeowner

Owning a home can be a huge milestone in someone’s life. In fact, in 2022, 65.9% of Americans owned their own home, according to data released by the National Association of Realtors. That is th…

Don’t miss these new design trends

Seeing the latest in home design is always the highlight of Homearama. Don't miss these top trends brought to you by some of RVA's expert designers! And yes, you can do this at home!

The Beran Group’s 1st Quarter 2023 Richmond Real Estate Market Update

Spring has officially arrived in Richmond, VA and with it comes our first quarterly market update. What do the current market conditions mean for you? Read on to find out.

Wondering what a Million-Dollar Home Looks Like in Richmond, VA? The Results Might Surprise You.

A guide to million-dollar neighborhoods in Richmond, VA and the surrounding counties.

Relocating to Richmond, Virginia? This guide can help.

Maybe you’ve heard Richmond is a river town, and that is an appealing notion. Or you’ve got wind of its flourishing restaurant or arts scene. Or maybe you’ve been asked to relocate to the city &hellip…

Exploring the James River in the Heart of Downtown Richmond, VA

Richmond, Virginia, is perfect for people who want to live and play along the water The greater Richmond, Virginia area is home to many outdoor activities. Not surprisingly, many are centered around t…

The Beran Group’s 2023 Richmond Market Forecast

Each day, another omen of economic doom appears in the headlines: whether it’s rising interest rates, recession indicators, supply chain snafus, or inflation, the data is dizzying enough to …

12 Common Types of Residential Architecture Found in Richmond, Virginia

The Richmond area is home to a plethora of types and styles of architecture dating back to when colonists arrived.  Many of these styles of architecture take root from the colonists’ Europe…

Chicken Laws – Raising Chickens In and Around Richmond, Virginia

Raising chickens around Richmond, Virginia can be complicated and vary by location. Before you buy, learn the laws for each city or county.

Top Places to Live in Richmond, VA for Biking

Looking for the best places to live in the Richmond, VA area if you’re a biker? Here are some top options for you. I’ve been riding road and mountain bikes in Virginia for over 15 … Blog Read …

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