We’re not for new agents

Did you know there is a team in Richmond designed to benefit high-performing agents? We are built specifically for Realtors who sell $3mm-$20mm in real estate annually.

Here you can learn from top agents that have been where you are trying to go, without the trade-offs of a traditional team.

Didn’t think teams were for you? Read on to find out how we’re different.

How are you different than a traditional team?

Keep your brand, your clients, your business

You’ve worked hard to build your real estate business. Keep it!

Grow what you already have.

You’re already great at what you do.
We’ll make you better.

We only focus on top-performing agents – so our conversations, training, and culture are all designed to take you from the top 1,000 to the top 100.

Learn to become a better prospector, negotiator, communicator, and marketer from teammates that are among the best in Richmond.

We’re not a top-down team

Work with (not for!) current and former managing brokers, state-certified instructors, new construction VPs, commercial agents, lenders, and more.

We are a circular team; there are no mandates from the top. We all grow by connecting with each other.

Keep your money

Some teams charge larger splits because they are teaching new agents the ropes. Not us.

Experienced agents means experienced splits.

From our agents

“We doubled our sales the first year we joined the team. The motivation, culture, and learning
transformed our business.”

-Patrick and Patsy Rogers

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(804) 873-8782