In this your perception of a real estate team?

A team leader brings in business, and hires buyers agents, ISAs, and administrative staff
Leads come in at the top and are handed down
The leader charges larger splits because he or she is generating the business
Agents on the team eventually learn enough to go out on their own, which is the perceived next step to becoming a “higher-level” agent.

There’s nothing wrong with this model. But where are the teams for experienced agents?

What about experienced agents who need…

To work for themselves
High-level knowledge sharing with other talented agents
Connectivity with other real estate professionals

We work in a circle

We aren’t a top-down team
We create opportunities to grow your business that you might not achieve as quickly on your own
Our team leader provides structure, organization, and insights to your business, but you create your own plan
Our agents support each other and learn from each other in a culture of authenticity, support and positivity