Keep your brand, clients, and the parts of your business that you love

Traditional teams may ask that you give up your branding, your process, even your clients in order to adopt a “this is how we do it here” team approach. That’s because they are often designed to teach real estate to newer agents.

There hasn’t been a team for agents that are already successful – but shouldn’t there be?

Agents who join The Beran Group already own a business that’s working well, and want it to grow faster. This is not a start over, it’s an accelerate forward.

How do I keep my brand on a team?

Beran Group branding is similar to your brand at a brokerage. We don’t expect to be the lead in the communication – the lead is you! Here’s an example from AC Lake, who sold over $8 million in real estate last year:

“At The Beran Group my image and my brand come first. I’m not minimized under a larger team brand.

This allows me to run my business and connect with my clients with me as the lead.”

– AC Lake

Above is another example from Amy Enoch, an amazing top agent with over 20 years of real estate experience.

When you come to the team, you keep your existing company logos, headshots, and any other branding elements that already make you a successful agent!

Check out more examples at our Beran Group Instagram ->

How do I keep my clients on a team?

To put this simply – any clients you bring when you join remain yours. Any clients you gain while with The Beran Group are yours. Your database is your own, and no one contacts your clients except you.

Team members do support each other when one of us is sick or on vacation, because we all need backup. But we don’t charge each other fees for the help, and your clients remain yours. You gain support and lose nothing.

I like doing business my way

Of course you do – us too! Are you doing your own marketing and you love how it looks? Keep doing it. Or maybe you feel like you want your marketing to look better or be more consistent. Perhaps you could spend that time generating new business instead? Turn over your marketing to our team of graphic designers.

Maybe you have a custom-built prospecting process that is perfect for how you do business. Great, keep going! If you feel your prospecting could be better, then hear how other top-performing agents do it and adopt what works for you.

How about closing a transaction? Of course you can do it in your sleep, but what if you had a coordinator to take care of all those details for you? How much more could you grow your business if you used that time for something else? Let our in-house Transaction coordinator do that work for you.

Take what you have, and make it better.