There are always more levels – if you want them

Growth-focused individuals know one thing for sure – you can always ask for more levels to climb.

If you’re selling $5 million in real estate you could sell $10 million. If you’re selling $10 million you could sell $15 million.

For some agents, growth doesn’t mean more production. Are you happy selling $7 million, but you want to do it in fewer hours each week?

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson built a tequila company, an energy drink company, a clothing line with Under Armor, and a Hollywood production company. In 2020 he bought the XFL.

How high can you fly?

No matter your goals, you need to be around people doing what you want to do, because getting to the next level requires you to get better at your craft.

“If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room”

How it works


Culture is something you feel in your bones, not something you write about on a website. We are serious about building a group of great agents with great values. If you want to see how we do things, spending time with us is the best way to feel the difference.

We would love for you to join us for a team meeting to experience it. (Really!)



We put you in a room with the top talent in Richmond, whose skillsets help you grow. When you join, you bring your strengths to the team. We all benefit from each other.

We have agents who are current and former:

President of Richmond Association of Realtors
Managing brokers
Virginia state-certified instructors
SVP of new construction
Commercial agents
…and more!


We provide resources that many firms don’t. Here are just some of them. How could your business benefit from this level of support?

Graphic Designers
Transaction Coordinator
Paid annual marketing plan
Hosted client events

Structured learning

We actively create learning forums for our team so you continually grow.

Our team has active local, state, and national board members, so you know about industry changes first
Top-performing agents host training to share their secrets to success
Monday motivation to get your business going quickly every week

On-the-job training

One of the biggest ways we learn is when we encounter day-to-day challenges in our career. Are you solving them the best way possible so that you accelerate your growth?

Group coaching on your hardest challenges
Direct line into Kristin and all of our top agents

Bringing it all together – two examples

The best athletes in the world still focus on getting better. Serena Williams, Tom Brady, Tiger Woods – they all had coaches when they were the best in their sports. So many things have to come together to drive improvement. Here are some examples of how we do it here.

1) Open Houses

How many agents have done open houses and deemed that they “don’t work.” It’s important to ask yourself – are you doing them right?

Anna Catherine Lake is our resident Open House expert. In years past she has gotten 5-10 pieces of business from her open houses. How? She is intentional about every detail of her approach.

So we setup a half day training for AC to take us through her process, which she openly shared with the team. We built open house kits for the team to check out of the office, containing everything you need in one location to successfully build your business. Then we held a contest to see who could generate the most business on the team using everything we had just learned.

2) Helping our clients

Mair Downing was having a challenge helping her clients find a house. She had tried everything she could think of to win them an offer, and her client was getting discouraged about the buying process.

Mair mentioned her challenge at our Monday motivation meeting. On the call were 5-6 team agents with over a hundred years of real estate experience. We spent the next 20 minutes asking questions of Mair, offering suggestions, and coming up with a plan of action to help her succeed.

Why does it work? Because we can all get better at every piece of our profession. Continuous improvement will carry us through every type of market, every situation, and ultimately lead to a more fulfilled life!

We invite you to reach out to Kristin to find out how we can help you achieve your goals.