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No other event around Richmond, Virginia, highlights the best in architecture and design better than Richmond Homearama.

And there is nothing that a real estate agent likes better than to show off the industry to clients and friends.

Held June 3-18, this year’s Homearama showcased five custom single-family homes in Henrico’s premiere GreenGate community. And it proved to be an outstanding display of architecture, craftsmanship, and impeccable decor. Five builders, Biringer Builders, Covenant Building + Design, Eagle Construction of VA, River City Custom Homes, and Southern Traditions provided the public with some superior eye candy and raised the bar for luxury living. 

Five builders provided the public with some superior eye candy and raised the bar for local luxury living.

And while there are a number of dare-to-dream elements that can come out of this event, here are the top takeaways for design trends you can bring into your own home.

Black windows pop
These beauties burst on the RVA scene several years ago, showing up in many high-end neighborhoods. But the bold departure from white left homeowners wondering if it was a flash in the plan. But now we know!

Whether it’s trimmed inside or outside (or both) the one thing the industry is still loving is the dark or black window. Whether it’s contrasting interior, white walls, or accenting a custom exterior, black windows provide a bold focal point for your home and add a modern touch to any design. 

Trim doesn’t have to be white
{{Record scratch}} While you can never go wrong with white trim, it doesn’t have to be a hard-and-fast rule.

Adjusting the trim color can be a tactic to maximize or minimize the contrast of the walls. Off-white paint teamed with a nude or neutral trim can soften the edges, creating an ethereal look. Whereas painting the trim a diluted version of the wall color embodies monochromatic excellence. 

Not all wood needs to be painted
A departure from the painted wood we’ve seen over the last few years, the designers at Homearama embraced the material, demonstrating that wood tones can be used strategically to warm up a space.

And while we all know that hardwoods do that for a floor, moving that element to other areas around the room can do the same thing. Apply it on a peaked ceiling to create interest in a dining or living room. Apply strips behind the bed for a natural accent wall in lieu of paint or wallpaper. And consider a natural stain for your stairs, doors, and even trim. 

Wallpaper is your friend
Before you throw up your hand in dismay, hear me out… Nothing infuses a quick burst of personality into a room faster than wallpaper. Thanks to advancement in adhesives, it’s also not as arduous to remove as it was in the 1980s.

Whether it’s an accent wall, powder room, or even ceiling, find a print that speaks to you and take a chance. If it happens to be Benjamin Franklin blowing a bubble, so be it!

Jazz up your kitchen
A bold backsplash, moody countertop, or two-tone cabinets can infuse new life into a sterile kitchen. Dare to paint your island or bottom cabinets a strong color like black or green. If your style dictates it, try a lacquer finish.

Play with hardware too. Gold pulls and knobs can modernize the look for a fraction of the price. 

What’s so exciting about these new design trends is how much it encourages creativity. Gone are the sterile white and gray interiors that dominated our market for the last five years. It’s time to say hello to personality. 

So if you’re in love with that poodle wallpaper or a little obsessed with cheetah prints, then, by all means, figure out a way to make that work. You’ll be happy that you did. And so will potential buyers.

If you ever have questions about design trends—or are seeking advice about updates to your home—reach out to your Beran Group agent! We’ll be happy to help you because let’s face it, this is the fun stuff!

Many thanks to my teammates Casie Woodfin, Jackie Beran, and Heather Placer Mull who shared images with me. I completely forgot to take photos in the midst of such breathtaking work.

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